sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Enlightenment and torture

Enlightenment gives a better ability to live everyday life as more skilled and more happy and with more wisdom of life and some social skills. It is not a way to overcome torture or other very miserable life circumstancies. Maybe enlightenment can help slightly to some such fates, I guess that to old time physical labour in agriculture especially, but for example overly much labour in academical work is much easier to bear if one is stupid.

Better capacity at making observations typically brings some wisdom of life. But like the point Knitting enlightenment in this blog shows, just such knowledge isn't enough. Instead you need to be inclined toward that type of practical action for it to succeed, for it to make you happy. Even then overly much is boring and brings poor work habits, while the same as refreshing extra brings good quality of life for a moment and is so typical to persons who like to do many kinds of things in their days and change often from one action to another that happens to interest/fascinate them more right then. Often the rythm of good quality work is like an edging path and not like a rigid scedule that lasts and lasts, boringly.
So it seems that enlightenment goes well with civilized freedom and not with torture like things. 
Lot of forcing to some kind of area of work comes typically from those who think that it is a good profession, like it.

sunnuntai 17. joulukuuta 2017

Healthy ways of living

The heaöthy natural ages old ways of living seem to be what Buddhism too aims at, at least they offer help on the road to happiness, better life and higher capacity, good will and opening social tangles, bringing peace to the world

Knitting enlightenment

"About the pleasantness of knitting (Knitting enlightenment, if such is possible)
I didn't just now succeed in knitting according to this piece of advice of mine, but usually if one conceives things while in thinking perspective, especially if it is a rigid formal perspective like counting silently aloud in one's mind, if one so sees practical action and practical action is left somehow to the side, to not so successfull, one then does not feel so well while knitting or while doing something else in practise, like moving for example. But if one drowns to the doing, mostly without words, at the level of the senses and common sense, feelings, atmospheres, thrown to the doing which touches and fascinates the instinct nature, one then so feels much better and the things done succeed much better, it is more pleasant to do when one has dedicated the right kind of attention to it and left away cumbersome or nasty things from those that one does at the same time."

I do not consider knitting so good for meditation, since the sphere of attention is in it so narrow and it is so repetitive, not good for the intellect. But maybe this piece of advice could be used in some other area of life?

tiistai 1. huhtikuuta 2014


Some Buddhist teaching says that suffering is caused by wanting. But in fact natural healthy kind of wanting is ok, but too thought of, forced kin of wanting causes suffering and so do too rigidly thought of, forcing kind of ways to follow wantings cause suffering - unlike natural freely flowing, strongly experienced common sense like ways of following natural healthy wantings.

keskiviikko 13. helmikuuta 2013

A continuous happiness

Your idea of each situation, your feelings and state of mind are all reflected in your body's posture and gesture langauge. If you keep your body fixed and unreactive, your state of mind gets fixed too and so it isn't the best possible for each situation but a kind of kkrrrrhhhhhh non-working, agitating, non-comfortable which makes things in life feel like a burden and which makes your feelings largely negative.
Instead let your body find it's own comfortable yet lively position each moment. Follow your feelings, be social in natural instinctive ways, enjoy the practical sensed side of life: of feelings and sensations.
In social life being relaxed and lively makes you copy from others and makes you so understand their perspectives better. And it makes your cooperation much better. Similarly with all views and all things that you come across in your life, you can choose a perspective that is suited for just those things - but you can do so only if you are bodily relaxed and lively. So you can meet the things in life in wisest possible ways and so you are continually happier.

Live a fullfilling life according to your nature and with a picture of the wide world. A life fully according to feelings.

keskiviikko 21. marraskuuta 2012

European additions to Buddhist teachings

Healthy natural ways of living according to the ages old human nature on ALL areas of life, without making exeptions based on lack of skill, modern ways of living etc. Life fully according to feelings but witg a picture of the whole. Sincere reactions, no forced calmness or acting. No edges to thoughts, to your being etc., do not copy the looks of build things to thoughts, instead look at a natural tree while you think about anything important. Love the nature. Be always physically reactive and move in ways that feel good to you, exercise! 'Live and let others live!'